10 Best Job Websites in Canada

In recent years, most of the job openings that are popular in Canada are those in the medical field and those that require a trade skill such as welding. At the same time, there are a lot of people belonging to different regions that are relocating to Canada. Since this is becoming a trend, one might ask, “What is the reason that so many people are clamoring to go to Canada?”

This article features ten of the best job websites in Canada, which may give an insight to the alluring job opportunities available in Canada and hence justify the influx of people seeking to settle here.

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TheLadders.com is a powerful, premium job search site that can quickly help people find jobs in Canada.



JobBank boasts of having a largest online career center in Canada where there are over seven hundred thousand job postings each year and every day, two thousand job postings are made available to job seekers.

Services that JobBank offers are the following but not limited to: resume posting, career advice, job posting and creation of alerts and agents for new job posting notification.

Monster Canada


Monster Canada is one of the major job websites in the country that has tools for total career management from finding your dream job to making major career decisions. It offers services such as resume posting, job search, job posting, resume search and others.



TorontoJobs claims to be the ultimate online career center created especially for those who are searching for jobs in the greater Toronto area. Some of the services provided are resume posting, creation of job alerts and agents for job posting notification, job search, employment agency directory and career resource center. In addition, what’s good about this website is that the services offered to jobseekers are absolutely free.



Yahoo! HotJobs is a major online career center worldwide, which also enjoys a huge presence in Canada. It has greatly changed the way people manage their careers and the means by which employers recruit their employees. At the same time, Yahoo! HotJobs has greatly empowered both job seekers and employers so much that they are in control of their careers and recruitment, respectively.



Dice, which has been in operation for over sixteen years, is the foremost authority when it comes to recruitment in the fields of Information Technology and Engineering. Currently, it has over ninety six thousand and four hundred and thirty three job openings that are available to job seekers. Some of the services that the website provides are job search by location or type of employment or skill set and keyword, resume posting, job posting and resume search.



Craiglist, which has been in operation since 1995, is a classified ads website that is also a major source of job postings, which it makes available to job seekers not only in Canada but also to the entire globe. The services offered to jobseekers are absolutely free but employers who use the services provided in the website are charged a minimal fee, especially when they post job openings.

Beyond.com Careers


Beyond.com Careers is a popular tool for career management not only in Canada but also in the rest of the world. It advertises over two hundred fifty thousand jobs and offers a lot of free services to job seekers like career and personality test, career evaluation, personal portfolio and much, much more.



Wetfeet.com is a major online career center that is popular in both the United States and Canada. It offers information on many aspects of the career and hiring process like salary data, company profiles, industry profiles, recruiter Q and A and much more. What’s good about using this website is that job seekers would be able to create a unique resume that would stand out from the rest, as well as receive critiques on the resumes that they currently have on hand.

Riley Guide


Riley Guide is an online career center that is most helpful for job search and career advice since it offers a large directory of employment and career information over the Internet. Apart from the awesome job search tools, job seekers can also get some tips on writing resumes and covering letters specific to the employment category, salary guides, statistics on popular job postings as well as online recruitment.

So, for Canadians out there and those who want to relocate to Canada, check out these useful websites and get your chance to work in this wonderful country. Wishing you Best of luck for finding your dream job.

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