How to Get Your Next Job Faster

We’ve been tracking many types of jobs over the years, paying close attention to many job Websites and career resources. It can seem daunting to find your next job but that process doesn’t need to be so difficult. Just by visiting our site here, you’re doing something not everyone else is.

Tip 1: Monster has the largest number of jobs here for you to search through
Tip 1: Monster has the largest number of jobs here for you to search through

There are many things you can do to get an edge as you apply to and interview for jobs. Examples how you can stand out above other applicants include checking your resume for errors, preparing for interviews, deciding when it is time to include a cover letter, dressing nicely for interviews, and more.

Tip 2: The team at Resume Wagon is very experienced and can create a great new affordable resume for you fast
Tip 2: The team at Resume Wagon is very experienced and can create a great new affordable resume for you fast

After all, the process shouldn’t be 10 times harder for an employee to get a new job than for an employer to find the right person for the job. With our tips to help you get started, you can start out of the gate in the race with a much better chance for a new job. There is no reason you should have to wait weeks or months to find that job, as it could be days to weeks away.

Tip 3: Beyond isn't well known by all but it is an awesome career site with over 50 million members!
Tip 3: Beyond isn’t well known by all but it is an awesome career site with over 50 million members!

These tips can help you get your next job faster (if you use them!):

  • Did you know there are popular days of the week to search for jobs here through Monster and then apply for jobs. All days work well to apply, but in fact, Fridays are one of the best days to apply. By applying Friday you will get your foot in the door before the weekend and land on a recruiter or hiring manager’s desk Monday morning first thing. You won’t forget to apply Monday morning if you already did on Friday. Some managers and recruiters check email on weekends so may have more time to look at your resume then.
  • Rather than join 10 job Websites and spend less time on each, join one or two great sites that have the most job listings. Join Monster here and Beyond here.
  • Were you aware that there isn’t a standard on how to dress for an interview? You may feel like dressing as fancy as you can, but what about if the recruiter or hiring manager is dressed casually? Ideally you’ll dress one or two steps better than the actual clothes you’d wear working in the role.
  • It can take months or years to perfect a resume if you aren’t a resume writer. You can keep writing your resume over and over without a clue how to perfect it. Or you can just get a new job sooner to pay the bills with a high quality resume at a great price from Resume Wagon here.
  • Are you an employer looking to hire? Why not use the best, biggest, most powerful job site? When you use this page on Monster, you can get the best deals to post new positions.

We hope you find that next job sooner. You can do that by first getting a great resume from Resume Wagon, learning about career tips at Beyond, and then searching for plus applying for your next roles at Monster here.


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2015 Top Two Job Search Websites in The USA

Our favorite two job search and posting sites in the USA are Monster and Beyond. When we decided to choose our favorite two job sites in the USA this year, it was a tough choice with so many job sites to choose from. We ended up choosing these two by a landslide though for a number of excellent reasons that we list here in this article.


When you join Monster here, you get these great benefits and more:

  • It is not only one of the oldest job sites, but it has done a fantastic job of enhancing the site over the years to stay as the best in class.
  • With millions of members around the world, it has a very low rate of members who cancel accounts to use other job sites instead.
  • Monster not only offers millions of jobs to choose from, but also extensive help for employers posting jobs here.
  • The Monster job search section is streamlined to be fast and easy. It also features advanced search. Both are powerful techniques to find new job possibilities.
  • At this page you can find help with writing your resume, creating cover letters, posting your resume, and editing your resume.
  • You can find a job faster through Monster than many other job search Websites due to how well it is known and used.
  • They offer career help with information in blogs, articles, and many special site sections that can help you get an information edge and secure your next job faster.

Join Monster for free here >


When you join Beyond for free, you get an awesome list of features to help you find a job soon:

  • Over 50 million professionals use the site to connect and land their next job.
  • Hundreds of thousands of companies use the site and a high percentage want to hire candidates fast (within days to weeks rather than in months).
  • Beyond has advanced features that streamline the sign up and membership processes. Joining Beyond here can mean a fast and easy job search for candidates and a streamlined hiring process for employers.
  • The site is perfect to create your career portfolio and manage your career long term.
  • There is a community you can join and learn from so that you have the support of others. During a job search, support from other people can give you the edge you need to secure your next full time, temp, part time, contract, or other role.

Join Beyond for free here >

Which site will help you find your next job faster?

They are both amazing sites with millions of members! They are also different than each other, so why not join Monster here for free and Beyond here for free? We think you’ll be very glad you did since they both help a huge number of job seekers find their next role.


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Find Candidates for New Positions

It can take a long time to recruit and find talented candidates for new positions. Monster is well known as the best site to find new candidates for small companies, medium size companies, staffing firms, and enterprise / large companies.

Here are places on to find the recruiting tools you need to help hire your next candidates faster:

 Enterprise РHelp for Large Companies

With the outstanding solutions Monster offers, you can find top talent sooner, choosing from the largest pool of candidates in the network. You can search easily and increase ROI dramatically.

Find people for Enterprise positions at Monster >

Help for Staffing Firms

The Monster staffing solutions help you optimize your search for candidates. Monster helps you with a power resume search for precise results, cloud resume search, training, mobile recruiting, and improved job branding.

Find help for your staffing firm at this Monster page >

Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

This section of Monster helps you spend less time looking for candidates. You can also see sample job descriptions and locate talent easier.

Visit Monster Small and Medium Businesses >



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Discounted Online Courses to Advance Your Career from Groupon

There is now a page at Groupon where you can get spectacular deals for online courses that can help advance your career. One course that stands out when it is offered is the Lean Six Sigma Training. Other courses that people love include Microsoft Excel training, resume & cover letter services, personal trainer certification, project management courses, graphic design classes, interior design courses, and more.

Groupon skills for resumes

With the ability to take any new course that you want online, you can deliver more value to your next employer. When you bundle a number of courses together here at Groupon, that training bundle can save you a lot of money. Of course the money is well spent on discounted classes that add great value. Many employers receive hundreds of resumes each day, and your job search could be shorter if you are the applicant who has an impressive resume.

View the deals on discounted online courses from Groupon >

Another awesome deal is to get the best resume with the help of Resume Wagon. With a top resume, you can get a job sooner. Check out Resume Wagon here.

ResumeRabbit helps you post your resume to 92 job Websites in minutes:

Access Over a Hundred Major Job Websites at Once

Zip Recruiter Job Seeker Success

ZipRecruiter is a spectacular job Website for both job seekers and job posters. It allows members to sign up for free and access hundreds of major job Websites at once. The business was founded by four guys who wanted to help candidates find the right jobs.

For Job Seekers

ZipRecruiter allows job seekers to quickly post their resume to hundreds of job Websites. Job seekers can search through open positions on hundreds of job boards, all from one easy to use page. Search through hundreds of job sites for free here at ZipRecruiter.

Job seekers can create a free ZipRecruiter account here. The free account provides job seekers with daily job alerts, one click apply for open positions, mobile search tools, and more.

For Businesses and Recruiters Offering Jobs

As one of the leading job boards on the Web, ZipRecruiter helps businesses and organizations to post their open positions to over a hundred job Websites with one submission. ZipRecruiter can post positions to leading industry job boards such as SimplyHired, Monster, and LinkedIn. Businesses and recruiters tend to love ZipRecruiter due to the power and simplicity it provides. Get started here for free to post a job.

About ZipRecruiter

The company was founded in 2010 and has helped more than 400,000 businesses. Learn more about ZipRecruiter and the fascinating stories from the founders. Here is a fantastic FAQ page provided by ZipRecruiter to answer questions.


Job Boards

ZipRecruiter posts jobs for businesses that include small businesses, recruiters, staffing agencies, and enterprise level accounts. The over one hundred job sites they use include not just job boards but also social networks and company Websites. Read more about posting new jobs through ZipRecruiter here.

Post a Job

With just one submission, you can post to 100+ job boards. They have delivered over 49,000,000 candidate applications, and with a new account you can see all of your candidates in one place. The streamlined process makes it fast and easy to find and then hire new team members. Create a free account here and try ZipRecruiter today.

Pricing to Post Jobs

For employers, ZipRecruiter has three pricing plans that include starter, team, and enterprise. Differences in each category include topics such as number of job slots, customization of resume database, and a product called TrafficBoost. See pricing plans, or start with a free trial here.

Resume Search

Employers can access over 5 million job candidate resumes fast. They provide a search box for skills / keywords and a second search box for location. Search resumes at ZipRecruiter here.


The ZipRecruiter blog provides tips and articles to about management styles, HR, predictive analytics, small businesses, sales, mobile recruitment, and more.


ZipRecruiter has a career page here if you want to apply to work for them.

Sign In

For existing ZipRecruiter members, both employers and job seekers can sign in from this page.

Of course our other favorite page is the Monster Browse jobs page since they have a massive selection of opportunities here.

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Best Days of the Week to Apply for a New Job

There are two best days of the week to apply for a new job, and this information can help your job search. The very best day of the week to apply for a new job is Tuesday for a number of reasons. On Tuesdays, hiring managers and HR staff have had enough time to spend reading each new job application. They have had time on Monday to get the week started and get fully plugged into a work mindset.

Another reason that Tuesdays are the best day to apply for new positions is that as a job applicant, each person has generally had time to relax on the weekend, clear their mind, and get in the work mode fully to apply for a new position.

The second best day of the week to apply for a new position is Monday. On Monday, many hiring managers and HR staff members are totally ready to review information from new applicants. In addition, many applicants have a clear mind on Monday.

If you want to further maximize your job posting time, use the largest job site to extend your reach. Also consider using Beyond for free from this page. Many people don’t know this secret, but Beyond offers a huge number of easy to use tools for job seekers.

ResumeRabbit helps you post your resume to 92 job Websites in minutes: is a Powerful Tool for Recruiters is a site that is designed to help companies post open positions to more than 50 job boards only one submission. It is a very fast way to get a new open job position out across the Internet. Join for free here.

With, you can join more than 100,000 companies who have gotten over 50 million candidates that applied. When you post your new position at, it gets submitted to websites such as,,,,,,, eBay classifieds,,, and more. includes social network recruiting so you can post directly to sites like,,, and Google plus.

This site is well designed to offer services for those on mobile devices as well. This means you get more applicants for your open positions! offers a lot of other functionality such as formatted resumes, easy screening of candidates, customized branding on your job pages, unlimited users in your account if you want, instant job pages, a company careers page, applicant tracking, candidate spreadsheets, custom email responses, premium support, and most importantly 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Although this article explains how ZipRecruiter has become popular, Monster is still tied with it and often remains the best in the mind of many. For example, check out the Monster job posting deals here for companies and recruiters.

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Using for Your Job Search

With, you can build your own personalized and powerful job search. will deliver jobs to you through email and many of these jobs are $100,000 plus professional jobs that are personalized job matches for you.

The Ladders helps you make your next career move faster after you join for free. It is a very effective website both for recruiters and job seekers who want to utilize the service through their desktop computer or the powerful mobile app on their iPhone or android device.

The power behind is that it can unlock the hidden job market for you with services such as inside leads which grows the intuitive nature of the service.

The staff at take your job search very seriously and have therefore made it their job to match you with the perfect positions. They give you a useful basic membership for free so you can see what it’s like to use the website. Premium membership is $25 and gives more features.

One of our favorite things about is to have daily job matches which are created from the unique algorithm to include only relevant jobs and no clutter. Our very favorite thing about it is to have hiring alerts from employers where you’re the first to see new jobs that pay $40,000 and more.

Join The Ladders here.

Also, we recommend joining the most popular job site, which is Monster at this awesome browse page.

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Power Up Your Job Search With snagajob

With, you get access to a very powerful tool for your job search today. You can find thousands of companies that are hiring and apply now through Not only can you search jobs by keyword that are near you, but also by ZIP Code as well. As you search open positions at, you can find jobs by state, browse jobs in general, look for summer jobs, search for teen jobs, and even read many job tips for hourly work.

Registering at is free and fast, and you can receive updated job alerts through your email daily. You can also, if you are a company, post positions that are full time as well as hourly.

Last month there were more than 430,000 new jobs added on As you can tell, there are huge number of jobs to look through, job tips to read, job alerts to enjoy, and more. is definitely worth exploring and can save you a lot of time.

Join Snagajob here.

The great thing about looking here at Snagajob is that many employers want hourly employees. There are also employers who are ready to move forward now!

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Use Resume Rabbit to Speed Up Your Job Search

Resume Rabbit is a terrific way that is fast as well as easy to post a resume to 85+ jobsites that include 1.5 million employers. It is very simple to post your resume and you also get a posting report plus many extra features. Some sites that Resume Rabbit posts to for you include,,,,, and more than 80 others.

You can read about and join Resume Rabbit here.

When you look at Resume Rabbit, you can read many testimonials to learn what others have done with the resumes as they apply for new positions. The sign up process will probably take you about five minutes to soon be done and seen by 1.5 million employers. It is also very easy, saving you at least 60 hours off of your current job search.

When you sign up, you not only get resume posting and massive exposure, but also your posting report, available jobs through your email, protection from Spam, identity protection, and centralized login to all the job site accounts they created for you.

One of our favorite things is that it lets the job seeker focus on interviews and securing their new job rather than spending all their time writing their resume and applying. Something else we really like about the site is that in general the process is faster and a new job can be secured sooner by weeks or months. It is a terrific service that was created in 1999 and has helped over 500,000 customers.

This is the best page to join Resume Rabbit and find the best deal.

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